Do you suspect that one of your employees is milking a supposedly work-related injury for all it's worth?  There are many ways to identify possible workers' compensation fraud, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which is prosecuting employees for this transgression in record numbers this year.

WC-Basic Investigations are designed to be affordable, less expensive expolration investigations.  This type of investigation is designed to provide our client with information regarding the claims' legitimacy. Jurisdiction and employment information is heavily scrutinized.

We first examine information obtained from the case file provided by our client.  We then examine any other factors, such as substance abuse, or deviation from the workplace protocol, to determine the validity of the claim.

WC-Main Investigation is a more detailed investigation.  The purpose of this investigation is to confirm the legitimacy or fraudulenced of a claim.  It centers on observation and documented surveillance of the claimant.

This investigation provides the client with a solid account of the activities and physical condition of the claimant.  We will observe and document the habit patterns and activities of the claimant for a specific time period.