Edmonson & Associates searches can help you find people for a variety of different reasons.  If you would like to be re-united with someone you have lost contact with we can help.

Search Types Available:

Missing Persons Search:  This search will help locate people that have been lost.

Social Security Verification Search: This search with the individuals social security number will find current addresses, employment and any other names the individual has used.

Name & Address Search: This search will find the name and current addrss of the person that belongs to the social security number.  This can locate nearly anyone in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Subject Verification Serch: This search will access a new address, verification of existing address, current occupant, nearest neighbor or verification that the address is a known valid address with no occupant.

Address Verification Search: This search will verify that the information is correct or the name and phone number of the current occupant living at that address.

Phone Number Search: This search can locate the name and address of the individual the phone number is listed too.

Surname Search: This search will help you find current address by using the persons last name.  This search is very helpful for reunions, finding lost realtives etc.

Death Records Search:  This search will help you find out if an individual is deceased, by using their name or social security number, state and date of birth.